Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Bossday Everybody!!

The internet connection at home is still down. Its been more than a week now. But I couldn't let this day pass without a birthday wish for our man. So I'm borrowing a few more minutes of my Boss' time here and hope to be back soon! Meanwhile, if I'm able to give frantic 3 hour shows at the age of 59, I'll count my blessings. Though I suspect that even at 33 years of age, I wouldn't be able to do it today. 59 sounds old, but it sure as hell didn't look old over the past year. I've got a sneaking feeling that our man will be defying age for quite a few years yet! Have a good one!

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Kevin said...

I firmly believe whenever the sad day comes that the music stops, it’ll be in between two of his shows. But even being 41 years my senior, he’ll still probably outlive me.

I made this picture my desktop background for today.

Happy birthday, Bruce.