Friday, June 6, 2008

Boot Tracker; May 31 2008, London

The second Essexboy recording surfacing today is luckily much better. The the second London show was a tad shorter, I wouldn't want to say it was the lesser show because of it. Maybe just a tad, but Springsteen and the boys were on a very inspired streak indeed at the Emirates Stadium. So I'm very grateful for a listenable tape surfacing. That isn't to say that this recording is top notch. Though probably debit to the acoustics in the stadium, the harmonies sound disjointed. Clarence voice comes out best, which makes for some weird startling moments on the recording. The guitar sound is a bit thin and the drums and base do not nearly carry the wallop they should. But overall this is a very nice recording to listen to and more than a few rungs up on the ladder of sound compared to the surfaced recordings of the first London night.

"Radio Nowhere" moved up to the fifth spot in the show this London night after a hard rocking start, including a very fine version of "Darkness on the Edge of Town". Springsteen's voice comes out nicely on this tape and I was taken of guard with how well he still carries that song. He still spits out the key lyrics with a biting venom. The shows slows down for request time next, with Sandy gracing London with a visit. After a rather hilarious story about Danny and a massive weed plant leading into "Growing Up", its premier time! Especially "Downbound Train" makes you wish this recording was just a few notches better. A very convincing performance of what might be one of the "Born in the USA" album's finest songs. Then again, as this stadium tour proves, the album knew few weak songs, especially for a setting like the Emirates. Even Springsteen's deceptively simple rockers from that album hold up very well in those big tubs. Even "I'm on Fire", with its brooding held back sexuality stands its ground pretty well. Its not just the songs from that eighties stadium monster album however, you can see a classic epic like "Backstreets" reaching out to the farthest regions of the Emirates as well. Who needs special effects when you've got songs as that.

"I'm on Fire"

MP3 File

Download the full show in mp3 here
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Recording: 2,5 out of 5
Show: 4,5 out of 5
Artwork: none

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