Sunday, July 20, 2008

Boot Tracker; July 19th 2008, Barcelona (fortylicks)

Barcelona taped by fortylicks is one of those tapes that's a paradox. The recording isn't all that hot, but its an exiting tape to listen to. The expectations for Barcelona were high. Springsteen's Spanish shows are considered amongst his best, added to that fact is the last stand factor. The two nights of Barcelona are the last shows Springsteen will do this side of the pond and he's notorious for making them count. Aided by the heat that allegedly made steam rise from the stadium floor before the show had even started, Barcelona was promising to be a hot show. Temperatures rose to such levels that some took Springsteen's old command, "I want you to take all your clothes of now!!!!," quite literally. Eyewitness reports noted there were Catelonian men dancing in their Adam's suits. It stayed with dancing however, no cunnylingus was reported. The exitement of the Barcelona shows spilled over all the way across the pond, in what might be the first E-Street Band show some attended through conference call. Thanks to Skype and cellphones, a lucky few were able to listen in live.

Was all that exitement warranted? Judging from this recording it was. The band was on fire this night, before a near 100.000 attending the show at Camp Nou, Europe largest soccer stadium. The set list didn't have any premiers, or all that much rarities, Bruce might be saving those for tonight, but that did nothing to damper the spirits. While this recording is distant and marred with more than a few of sound warps, not to mention lack of instrument separation or depth, it does bring the exitement of Camp Nou into your living room. Play this show in your car and it is guaranteed to get you a speeding ticket! Listen to "Hungry Heart" heart on your iPod in the train and you'll be bound to get a few amused stares when you can't help singing along. I dare you to listen to "Mary's Place" and resisting the temptation of imitating that knee slide Springsteen's futile!!!! And I dare say "Summertime Blues" has never sounded this smoking! Who cares this tape isn't perfect, this is Fun with a capital F. Did I mention there's a near ten minute "Twist and Shout" on here to give your neighbors nightmares? Take the taper's advise, play this one LOUD!!!

"Summertime Blues"

MP3 File

Download the full show in mp3 here
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Recording: 2+ out of 5
Show: 5 out of 5
Artwork none


Tansy said...

How can i get the show on Barcelona on 20th July 2008? What is Fortylicks??

SoulBoogieAlex said...

Hi Tansy,

Since I'm running this site by myself, not every show will be on here. The BTX mp3 Index (address below)is pretty complete on the Magic tour though.

Fortylicks is the taper of the show. Thanks to him/her we've been able to listen in.