Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Do Believe It's Superbowl Time

Despite all the reservations fans had about selling out I thought we just witnessed the hard rocking, pants dropping, booty quacking, Viagra tacking, history making, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band in all their glory. Springsteen promised us the final 12 minutes of the show and we got it in spades. This is probably the finest form we've seen the E-Street Band on television since that MTV Awards in 2002. It may have been awfully short for a man who is accustomed to bring us three hour shows, but he packed everything an E-Street show should have in to it. Posing with the Big Man, jumping on the piano, knee slides, howling with Steve and where the hell did that gigantic choir pop up from. Reservation about the new material aside, I though Working on a Dream worked great in its slot. And those horns..... we GOTTA have those horns on tour. By the time Steve called quitting time this fan boy was shouting; "SAY IT AIN"T SO!!!," behind his laptop.

Fortunately the Superbowl was on YouTube faster than I could return from the fridge with an ice cold beer so we can watch it over and over and over again.

Watch part 2 here.
From the NLF page, here's the press conference, so you can watch it again and judge for yourself if the Boss kept his word.
Visit Backstreets as more news and reviews will undoubtly trickle in, or to enjoy Killmo's excellent Superbowl Blog.
Find a great slide show of Reuters photos here.
On there's an outstanding review for us to drool over.
Over at BTX evman was so cracious to post the audio for download.
MTV explains what's up with "I'm going to Disney Land!"
Find the silloutte for your desk top here.
The NY Times has posted a lengthy review for your enjoyment.
Photos from the Tampa Bay Tribune are also online.
A nice collection of reviews can also be found on the Freedom Eden blog.
Here's another topic of interest over at BTX for those who forgot to set the VCR.


Anonymous said...

do you have the audio version of this

SoulBoogieAlex said...

Not yet, but I'm sure it will pop up soon enough. I'll add it as an update as soon as it does.