Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August 2nd 2008, Gilette Stadiumd, Foxboro MA (Bakerstuff)

This new Bakerstuff tape is exactly the reason why I embarked on this crazy quest of reviewing every single tape on the Magic tour. Not only is this a fantastic show, it is a great tape. The first keeper since Paris and Amsterdam. Though it is not quite on that level, it isn't bad by all means. Excellent instrument separation, with most of what's happening on stage coming through quite clear, though a bit on the dark side. But for a stadium tape, this one absolutely doesn't disappoint. You can hear Clarence's honking in the back ground and his percussion better than on most tapes, which is nice since sometimes I tend to forget he brings much more to the fold than a killer saxophone solo here and there. Clarence adds these little colors to Springsteen songs, that help transcend them to that next level.

One of the things about this Foxboro tape that is so nice to hear is the high quality level Springsteen manages to keep this tour, even outside his key markets. Foxboro isn't New Jersey, there isn't that challenge of going legendary on our ass. Even though the Foxboro show was a whopping 30 minutes shorter than the New Jersey shows, the band does deliver the goods and then some. I've heard it said, by myself included, that this stadium leg lacks the cohesion the first Magic legs had. By cutting down the set with three songs, some of that cohesion returns. Though the Magic songs are still sparse, "Spirit in the Night" and "Mary's Place" have found there respective spots in the set as markers. Though shorter and more cohesive, Foxboro got plenty of that surprise element that marked the previous few shows. Most notably with "Little Latin Lupe Lu," a thoroughly prepared request, with the lyrics printed on the back. With the weather in Foxboro temporarily forgetting this is the summer season, "Who'll Stop the Rain" might not have been such a big surprise, but "Does This Bus Stop at 42nd Street" most certainly was. Judging from the "Youngstown" that followed it, that bus is nowhere near close to running out of gas. But for all my rambling, Pete over at "Blogness on the Edge of Town" puts it into words much better than I possibly can.

"Little Latin Lupe Lu"

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Recording: 4- out of 5
Show: 5- out of 5
Artwork: none

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Anonymous said...

Clear me up on your thoughts,are you saying that Foxboro is not a key market? Its really Boston about 30 minutes south. Its the only place in the USA besides the Meadowlands where he is playing a stadium. Boston is the place where Bruce met Jon Landau when Landaau saw the future of rock and roll. If it were not for Boston you might not be blogging now.Boston, Jersey, New York and Philly are Bruces strongest US markets.


Pete said...

Thanks for the plug, Alex -- another excellent post and recording! And you're right, this certainly doesn't have the feel of a tour that's running out of steam; hard to believe it will be over in less than a month.

SoulBoogieAlex said...

Boston is a 'stronger' market in my book, but doesn't seem to have the status amongst fans that Philly, NJ or NY have. I think you might compare Boston to Germany in Europe, he will sell out over there, but everybody knows that Milan or Barcelona is the place to see him. Strong market, but not one of the the key markets. At least in my book.

Anonymous said...

I was at this show and have mixed feelings about it. Seats were terrible, but the setlist was great. I saw the 2nd Hartford show this tour and it was amazing - a true experience. This show was great, but terrible seats and being so far removed from the music took some of the energy out of it for me. Of course, I am sure if you were in the pit it was truly something.

Did you ever review the 2nd Hartford show this tour? I'd be curios if there are any great recordings of that show.

I'll check this boot out. Thanks as always for your thoughts....

Anonymous said...

You're book is way off then. in the U.s. Boston is the place to see him you should do more research on this. The Fenway shows were legendary. How about the sommerville theater? the music hall in the 70s ?

I have seen him in nj many times and i find that bruce is a little nervous and the fans are too demanding