Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sites of Note

With the kudos I got from the official Springsteen site traffic on my blog is hitting an all time high. I must say I'm very humbled by all of this. Like I mentioned this site is a labor of love, so this is possibly the biggest compliment I could get. But I'm not alone in my fan boy madness. There are quite a few sites out there that are worth mentioning. Though you can find them all in the links section, I like to point out a few favorites of mine. Sort of the top five in fan based websites in my book.

Gina's Live Collection
A great site where you can listen to quite a few of the shows reviewed here and a bit more.

Blogness on the Edge of Town
A great news site with a twist. Also offers fun stuff like the cover of the week. You'll be bound to find takes on Springsteen's music there that are sometimes mind boggling but always fun to listen to.

The number one set list database on the web. If you've never visited this site before, you're missing out! Don't let the vintage lay out fool you, there's a wealth in information on this site you won't find elsewhere.

Without this fan based I couldn't run Boss Tracks. This is my main source, together with the BTX mp3 index, for bootlegs.

Springsteen Lyrics
An awesome database of every imaginable Springsteen lyric out there. This site has the lyrics of stuff that has never been released! Always with some nice background info on the songs.


Gina said...

How sweet of you Alex... Ty!

And congratulations...

See ya next tour!! ;)


Kevin said...

Hey Alex,

I'm KevinP17 over at BTX. I've been going through your blog entries only just recently and I've thoroughly enjoyed them. Keep up the great work, I'll be checking it out regularly now.