Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to Business

Well sort off. I have launched a new blog.

I haven't been active much on Boss Tracks in the past year or so. While it was fun to do, it was also very time consuming. Boss Tracks had many rewards like interviewing Eddie Floyd and Southside Johnny, getting an actual mention on Springsteen's official web-site and having many appreciative readers.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the time any more to this blog right. Every interview literally took days to weeks of work of getting it together, preparing and making them into something you could read. Even the regular posts took many hours of research and writing. Unfortunately, it soon proved to be impossible to keep up with my ambitions for this blog, especially since it was a one man operation.

I recently started from scratch, with a few friends, on a new blog, the Upper Shelves. This blog is a lot less ambitious, just a place to share some cool 45s we've found and like to play at parties. I think the average Springsteen fan is going to find a lot to enjoy over there. Most of the 45s are exactly the kind he likes to cover so much or at least the kinds Stevie likes to play on his radio show and the ones Southside Johnny like to collect.

I hope that everybody who enjoyed this blog will come over to check it out.

A big thank you to all my readers here,

I've had a blast,



Spanish Johnny said...

Thanks for all your work on this! It was a great site to visit over the years...was wondering what had happened to it this past year. Thanks again for the site, and the update. I'll go check out your new blog, now! Peace!

clea walford said...

yes, thanks a million for this great site and will also check out your new blog. cleawalford xx