Sunday, April 13, 2008

Boot Tracker; Oktober 18th 2002 Bologna

Seeding at Jungleland right now is this enjoyable recording of the 2002 Bologna show from the first leg of the Rising tour. Bootlegs from that period are always worth while to check out, you might just find one that sounds better than the official release. Though I enjoyed the emphasis on the audience the "Live In Barcelona" release has, the ticket buyers are essentially presented as another part of the band, others complain that the DVD sounds like it has been recorded in a tunnel. Not without merit but saying "Live in Barcelona" sounds like an audience recording, like some do, doesn't do the release justice. Strangely enough, the Rising tour never had an audio release. Another source of frustration for fans. Third, Barcelona was arguably not one of the best shows from that tour. This Bologna show was arguably better as well.

The Bologna recording is a good audience tape, listening to it makes clear that the official release wasn't all that bad. Audience tapes a often marred by the echo in the arena, a strange mix between voice and instruments and audience noises. This Bologna boot is no different, but despite the obvious flaws a nice listen. Though I must admit that I would have felt cheated if I have would bought it from God Father, who did a commercial release. The set holds a few very nice surprises that'll make this bootleg interesting to collect. Four songs into the set there's "Something In The Night" a rarity in any tour since Springsteen put it on wax. "Sunny Day" is followed by a very nice version of "You Can Look" even though the guitar seems to drown in the echo of this recording some. The show holds two absolute high lights for me, both in the encores. First there's "Stand On It" opening the encores with Roy kick starting this rebel rouser with a near 3 minute rollicking boogie woogie solo. Second there's "Thunderroad" with a reprise because the Bologna audience doesn't allow Bruce to leave, who's the Boss now? Compared to the Barcelona set from two nights before Bologna is much more surprising and eclectic. Which does leave you wondering if Springsteen constructed that set with MTV in mind. Though Bologna is a boot for the more fanatic fan, it does make clear that the official release could indeed have been a lot better.

"Stand On It"
Download the full show here

Sound: 3,5 out of 5
Show: 4 out of 5
Artwork: Various sources available

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