Sunday, May 4, 2008

Boot Tracker; Magic Round Up

The Magic tour is having a damn near three week break before it kicks off again in Europe for a Stadium leg. I've been tracking the tour for the past month, with two shows still missing in action, Greensboro and Charlotte. At least missing in good quality formats. Charlotte appeared on the BTX mp3 Index a few days back. I haven't reviewed it yet here because the quality of that tape was so disappointing that I decided to wait until a proper release pops up. For those who can't wait you can download the show here.

Two shows reviewed here ultimately got released in different versions. Both of them weren't serious upgrades, so I haven't paid any close attention to them here. I will give them quick mention now.

First there was the Ev2 master of the second Anaheim show. The show itself wasn't much of an upgrade unfortunately, but it did come with a killer third bonus disc, filled with goodies from this second American leg. You can download that CD here to hold you over till Flynn does a full tour compilation again.

Second there was a different source of Charlottesville. This is an upgrade from the show I reviewed earlier on. With thanks to the BTX mps Index I'm able to give you the links to that upgrade in mp3 format, Disc 1 and Disc 2.

It could be that I've missed some upgrades down the line, but with so many dates and shows coming out so fast these are hectic times. Everything that was released is bound to find its way to you through the MP3 index though, so not to worry.

While the tour is in a pause, this blogger is going to do its damnedest to keep you entertained with oldies but goodies that are bound to appear through the various canals. Of course there will also be the occasional 45 I'll dig up and present to you here and various other reviews. Stay tuned!

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